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About Us

Zuludeal is active in the global ICE industry for the last decade. Given our cross country connects in this industry, we are taking special interests in online retail of ICE products in India, South Asia, Middle East and other select European countries. We are not a mass player and delight in offering our customers premium products and excellent user experience. If you need to know more about us please feel free to write to - [email protected]

Defining Certified Used

As an organization we possess extensive expertise in renewing and refurbishing used phones and bring them up to 'almost new' condition. Our trained engineers and technicians conduct elaborate examination of the devices and carry out the required alterations so that the devices attain functional and cosmetic perfection. Our examinations cover internal and external functions like buttons, audio, battery, SIM card, camera and touch screen.

As an expression of our self confidence we offer you full five (5) days to check the product for any defects.

In addition, we offer you Extended Warranty on the product purchased by you through our own Zulu Guard warranty service.

The Origin of Our Name

Simply speaking our name signifies two things - Power and our Deep Roots in the industry.

Zulu is the name of a powerful military empire in modern day South Africa. Our decade long connects in the industry enable us to offer powerful and ground breaking deals to our customers and we want to leverage this core strength to ensure a steady flow of these super attractive deals.